new old project: Sign Up! module for Drupal


This module let's you manage event sign ups. Nothing special so far. I worked on it for a friends site ( to manage the sign up process there.

Sources are available through subversion at

I wouldn't recommend it's use just yet. Mostly it still is alpha status and it is tailored mostly at my friend's site. Comments are welcome though.

New project: Condensation

I started a new project a while ago, called Condensation.

It is a collection of tools I have written in the past combined to one tool. It's intendent audience are server-admins and web-dvelopers. At the moment the only thing that really works is the ssh-terminal.

The next thing i'm going to integrate is a proxy-server that redirects your browser's request to a server of your choice. - So you can - for example - test your new CMS setup completely (including the domain settings!) on another server than the productive one. The proxy-server will also allow you to inspect the data send between the browser and the server. - maybe in a later version even to alter the data.

Head over to Condensation-HQ to find out more.

Kodos - great tool for debugging regexs


Do you know the situation, where you hack together one of those two (or even more) line long regular expressions and trying to find a bug in it? Well Kodos might be the right (GPLed) tool for you then.

parsing an apache vhost config file


I recently needed to parse an apache vhost config-file. Because I was used to pyparsing, I used that first. - Bad idea. Using simple old regex & co. is definitely the better way. Here is my result so far.

waiting for drupal 6


You think I'm a little behind, because Drupal 6 is already out? - You are right, Drupal 6 core was released on February 13th 2008. The problem is, though, a lot of modules are still not ported to D6. It took quite a while for the image and image_assist module to be ported. So what's missing too? The whole project/version control/subversion group of modules. CCK (content construction kit) is only beta. And a lot more, but these are the most important ones for me.

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